AppointSOL Tutorial

AppointSOL Tutorial

Stop wasting your productive time attending calls for fixing appointments with your customers. Managing appointments for your business has just become super easy with Appointsol.

Appointsol is a ready-to-use software that helps business owners manage their appointments, services, customers, invoices, employees, marketing, and more. No training is required to use the platform

All you need to do is, just integrate it with either your website/ Google business site or Google my Business page and start getting appointments directly.

How to Integrate Appointsol for online appointment booking?

To integrate Appointsol, please follow the below steps:

STEP 1: Create your account on Appointsol.

To create your account visit:

Click on the Signup button at the top right. You will land on this page

Fill in the necessary information and then Click Next button.

STEP 2: Login to your Appointsol account and on the top left to “Book Appointment” button.

Click on the button squared with a red marker. After clicking a box will pop up highlighting "Link copied". Click OK.

STEP 3: Paste this link in your website appointment booking button and it’s done

Appointsol is now connected with your website. Once a customer book an appointment it will start reflecting in your Appointsol CRM.

How to Complete your profile and start taking automated appointments using Appointsol?

Once you are finished signing up. Login to Appointsol using

After you're successfully logged in. You'll land to the dashboard page

You need to follow 4 steps to finish the setup.


To add a category either click on the button on the dashboard Or you can select it from Menu > Services > Category

It will redirect you to the category page

Categories should be the primary services that you offer. Example: Mostly for a pet salon there are categories like Grooming, Boarding, Training, Walking etc

On the right hand side in "add category box" type in the category name and reference image and save.


To add a service either click on the button on the dashboard Or you can select it from Menu > Services > Add service.

It will redirect you to the service page.

Click on Add New Service. A service page will pop open.

Select the category from the list you added before.

Set up pricing for your service.

Enter service name, duration.

You can choose to add additional details about your service and related images for more impact.


To add employees either click on the button on the dashboard Or you can select it from Menu > Employees> Add Employees.

It will redirect you to the Employee Registration page.

Fill in the details and you have your employees registered to use the CRM.


To successfully automate the booking process. Mark your employee's attendance regularly. This can be done by employees too once registered. Click on Menu > Employees> Mark Attendance

Select the date for which you need to mark attendance.

Select Employee's Name

Enter time in and out and the status as Present or Absent and save.


Click on Menu >Working Hours> Manage Weekdays You'll this page open

Fill in all the details in the right box marked as*

Likewise, you can Manage Holidays.

Note: AppointSOL appointment automation will take bookings only on working days during the working hours according to the staff availability. Please complete the setup carefully to enjoy hassle free experience.

For further assistance in setup and registration please contact us.